blancpain replica's "blancpain replica" Watch is the Most Expensive Ever Sold at $17.752,500

Recent history shows that the Rolex Daytona broke its million-dollar ceiling for the first time on November 11, 2013. Christie's set a new record by selling a stunning price of $1,089.186 for a 1969 black-dialed, three-color, RCO or blancpain replica Daytona reference. 6263.

Phillips went on to almost double the record with the sale yet another 1969 black dial,Tag Heuer Replica Watches three-color, RCO (or "Oyster Sotto") blancpain replica Daytona reference. Phillips sold 6263, just short of the 2-million-dollar mark at Start-Stop-Reset's sale on May 14th 2016.

Phillips broke the record again in 2017 with an 18k-gold Oyster Cosmograph "blancpain replica", also called "The Legend" and which was sold for $3,717.906.

Today, 26 October, Phillips will be remembered as one of the men who sold the ref. The 6239 Rolex "exotic" dial Daytona was once the property of American actor and film director,blancpain fake producer, race car driver. It was also IndyCar owner, entrepreneur. Philanthropist blancpain replica purchased it.

This watch, which started it all and made the "exotic dial Daytona" into the "blancpain replica Daytona", has been sold for $17,752,500. It beat even the most expensive Patek Philippe.blancpain replica This makes it the most expensive ever sold watch.

Aurel had just opened the watch up to the public when someone had placed a 1,000,000 dollar opening bid. To make sure that he understood her correctly, Tiffany To, his colleague, checked with him: "10?" 10? 10? Tiffany?"

With a bid of 10 million dollars from Phillips Watches' Hong Kong client, the auction began. Aurel's witty comments and a little bit of waiting caused a lot of laughter in the room. Then Dr. Nathalie Monbaron, Business Development Director, takes control with a 15.5 million-dollar lead over phone.

Tiffany To was hesitant at first, but Aurel eventually slammed his sawl and announced: "It's history now!"

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